Treehouse Yoga has been a favourite, non-negotiable part of my week for over a year. I came looking to see what all the fuss was about yoga & knew from the first time I finished savasana it was going to be so much more than a class for getting a bit more "flexi". The yoga space above the town is such a well kept secret. I had no idea it was there until I sought it out. Now I look up at the windows and realise it is indeed like a treehouse. One where magic happens. - Sue De-Chaneet



I have thoroughly enjoyed my yoga experiences with The Treehouse Yoga! The classes, teachers, members and space is so very enjoyable! I highly recommend them! - Suzette Vinci



So pleased that I have discovered you all at the Treehouse Yoga.
 Love the team and the wonderfulness that each individual class brings.
 Such a deep, nurturing experience for my heart, body, mind and soul.
 Tonight's detox class was simply beautiful. Thank you, Jo. 
So lovely to share the energy with Chloe ( another awesome yoga teacher) and the rest of the participants. 
 Would attend a class every day, if I could!. - Donna Hoy



Thank you for inspiring women to take time out for themselves and regain their zest for life and love of themselves xxx - Annwen Candy