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Session 1.
In this session we will work with the foundations of acroyoga for grounding and establishing technique and alignment. We will work on some core conditioning and preparation for particular postures that we will be introducing into flowing transitions in the second session.
No experience necessary. Perfect for those that are new to this practise or wishing to deepen thier knowledge.

WHEN: Saturday, 9th Sept from 2pm - 4.30pm

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Session 2.
In this 2nd session we will be progressing further with the acroyoga practice, working towards a more fluid way to flow. This workshop is suitable for students who have attended the first session, previous classes or workshops before so you understand some foundations already.

WHEN: Sunday, 10th Sept from 10am - 12.30pm

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Carmela is back for her annual immersion at TTY.

She will show how movement is nourishing food to the body. By exploring the way we move, breathe and connect with our bodies and mind, we begin to transform.

What is fascia?.....It is re-active tissue that responds to everything we do, physcially and mentally, on and off the mat, the interchangeable connection between the two.

This journey will include:
- Movement ( asana ) - YIN YASA FLOW - bring two tennis balls.
- Breath ( pranayama ) - to calm the mind.
- Devotion ( bhakti ) - A journey to the heart with mantra and mudra.
- Sound healing ( crystal singing bowl & flute ) - Vibrational healing.

Come and be nurtured, inspired and to JUST BE.

WHEN: Sunday, 20th August from 9am - 12noon.


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ACRO-YOGA with Jo & Pepi

Come and enjoy a fun and playful way to practice yoga and connect with people. AcroYoga involves partner based yoga postures and acrobatic balances to create connection, trust and creativity.

JO & PEPI...
Join Jo and Pepi from Yoga Grooves as we explore a jamboree of play with Acroyoga from the Acroyoga Montreal system! 

Enjoy exploring new things and ignite your creativity and inspiration, as well as restore our energies with Therapeutic aspects of the acroyoga practice. 

Come with or without a partner - we will match you up.

Connect, share your energies and meet people. A complete bundle of fun, energetic, yet soothing, nurturing and loving. Learn some cool fun balances and fly and breathe together!!
Feel alive as we all share together the joy of AcroYoga. 

Laugh, love and be free 

You are booking for the following 3 WORKSHOPS -

Flying Foundations......WHEN: Saturday, 9th Sept from 2pm - 4.30pm

Creative Flying Flow......WHEN: Sunday, 10th Sept from 10am - 12.30pm

Flying Therapeutic Yoga.....WHEN: Sunday, 10th Sept from 1.30pm - 4pm

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